Dynasty Warriors is a tactical action game that borrows characters and concepts from the Romance Of Three Kingdoms novel. Gundam refers to the anime series revolving various wars and the giant robots used in said battles. In 2007 the video game company combined the tactical strategies of Dynasty Warriors with the use of Gundam’s giant robots to create Dynasty Warriors Gundam. The third incarnation of such was localized on North American shores of June in 2011.

Dynasty Warriors 3 features more tactical strategies than it’s two predecessors. While a key facet of the Warriors games are to find and defeat certain officers to halt reinforcements, different variations have now been implemented.

For example, certain strongholds have different functions that aid the enemy. Capturing a “catapult” field (capturing fields take place by defeating a preset number of enemy robots) disables the use of a “teleporting” system that allows the enemy to jump to allied strongholds within short periods of time. 

Another facet of all Warriors games is the defeat of key commanding officers. Up to Gundam 3 one merely has to defeat the commander once to gain special abilities and weapons. However in Gundam 3 one of the enemy fields allow for the continual deployment of enemy officers.

I found (and sometimes still find) the shift of the game’s rules very annoying. However, by shifting my focus from defeating enemy officers to disabling enemy fields to hinder the enemy’s abilities, I was able to play the game of an even level. However I should mention that the game still gives me frustration. The sheer advantages given to the enemy forced me to skip the “eliminate the minor officers first/the final commander last” mindset I have always adopted and go straight to the enemy commander to win, taking much of the fun of achieving the most damage from the game.If you can get past that, then good luck. If not, then move on.