How To Be A Gentleman debuted this week. As you’ve no doubt gathered from the commercial, the producers are playing to the strength of it’s cast. Kevin Dillion comes fresh off Entourage to star in the show. Hiring a popular character to boost ratings is one of the oldest tricks in the Hollywood book. Unfortunately, in this case, the tactics backfired.

The main protagonist is so bland I’m not going to bother you with the actor’s name. He’s an idealist who’s comfortable in the bubble of his own universe. This quickly changes when the newspaper he works for (he’s a columnist on how to act a gentleman) goes for a new, more modern audience. Insert awkward-take-baby-steps-into-real-world joke here.

Kevin Dillion stars as Bert, an old high school friend who takes the columnist under his wing. While Bert is less ego and more Zen, Dillion himself kept the Drama haircut and attitude. People are watching this and are expecting Drama Chase’s exaggerated hijinks. Dillion should have altered his appearance as a way to separate his new character from Drama, but instead fans will watch this show and expect Drama when they got Bert. That’s the true failing of the show, because Bert is NOT Drama.

Gentleman is on Thursdays right after Big Bang Theory. Hope you enjoy.